Do you Follow These 20 LinkedIn Best Practices for Your Profile?

Do you Follow These 20 LinkedIn Best Practices for Your Profile?

August 17, 2017

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform originally started for the purpose of sharing resumes globally that would help people in getting them suitable jobs. But now, it is also leveraged as a sales platform for brands. For this purpose, having a well-created LinkedIn account is of utmost importance as it reflects you and your brand’s personality to your profile visitors.

Do you have these LinkedIn etiquettes? Are you using this social media platform in the appropriate way?

Here are twenty do’s and don’ts that will help you build a good image on LinkedIn.


  1. Personalize the requests of your connections. Tell them your motive for connecting.

  2. Set a professional profile picture to enhance your LinkedIn profile so that people can see who they are connecting with.

  3. Personalize the requests of your recommendations and offer to reciprocate (if appropriate).

  4. Keep the platform professional and share information only relevant to your business.

  5. Showcase samples of your work in particular and add it to the education, experience and summary section.

  6. Send a nice personalized welcome message to new connections.

  7. Nurture your connections regularly. It’s not a number game to build connections!

  8. Make your contact list open to all your connections.

  9. Offer to introduce your connection to others in your network.

  10. Respond timely to messages (1-2 days).



  1. Don’t send spam messages to your LinkedIn connections.

  2. Don’t overdo the number of posts you put up. One post a day is enough.

  3. Don’t ask unknown people on LinkedIn for recommendations.

  4. Don’t comment negatively on any of the group’s posts.

  5. Do not post self-promotional content in the groups that holds minimal values to members.

  6. Don’t send your messages to multiple people without unchecking the option “allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses.”

  7. Don’t ask your LinkedIn connections to like your Facebook page.

  8. Don’t ask people you don’t know to endorse you.

  9. Don’t send messages beginning with, “i see you’ve viewed my profile….” (it’s offensive!)

  10. Don’t treat LinkedIn like twitter or Facebook where you can share or post whatever you want.

Follow these LinkedIn practices to build a stable and professional profile on LinkedIn. Reach us if you need help with your overall company goals for social media.

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