Draft an Awesome Community Engagement Strategy With These 6 Tips!

Draft an Awesome Community Engagement Strategy With These 6 Tips!

August 23, 2017

Sharing your product or service online with your target audience is no longer a tiring task, all thanks to the technology at our disposal. But effective social media marketing comes with building a good customer base for your business that can help you spread the word about your products and popularize your brand. Having more user engagement acts as a backbone for promoting your products/services and makes your brand stand out.

Check out 6 tips that will make your community engagement strategy a success:

Look out for your social media fans and create a community

More often than not, you are already aware of your fans on various social media platforms. You just have to find where they are. This requires you to search for places where consumers work together and have important conversations. Another method to look out for your target audience is by analyzing their demographics, evaluate their interests, preferences, values and the ways through which they seek information. Once you gather all this information, you can easily initiate participation on their favorite social media channels. Once you find your target audience on social media, you can build a community that highlights your business and engages your followers.

Create a friendly and welcoming environment

Nobody likes to spend time in a boring and unfriendly community. Make sure that you create a warm and interactive environment for your followers. Welcome new followers and also send them a personal message. Design a tutorial outlining the process for new followers to invite and engage with other members.

Create online events

To entice members, you can plan community engagement activities like running contests, campaigns, polls, asking them questions, launching surveys, etc. If you wish for more engagement, you can even ask your community members to collaborate with you in any of your projects. This could range from getting inputs for your newly designed homepage to making your members write a blog for you. Keep your community members updated by sending them newsletters and making it easy for them to get in touch with you.

The community should have a fun element

A community should have a good balance between utility and fun. Effective communities are the ones that have an enjoyable entertaining element and are practical. Too much of anything reduces the impact that a community is aiming to create. The environment should be lively and add a bit of humor to keep its members involved.

Show gratitude

It is important that you thank all your community members. You can do this through a personal message or you can give them a shout-out in a blog or a newsletter, celebrate milestones with them, etc. Such gestures make community members feel important and appreciated.  

Share videos & memes

The trend of sharing memes and videos is soaring and is very effective in increasing user engagement. Graphics in videos and memes should be visually attractive. Make use of GIFs and boomerangs to make it look creative and different.

Keep in mind the above-mentioned social media marketing tips and build a strong and long-lasting customer base while launching community engagement activities. Reach out to our experts for more tips on community engagement!

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