Fabulous online tools to save you time while social media marketing

Fabulous online tools to save you time while social media marketing

October 25, 2017

To be a successful social media marketer it is crucial to have your finger on the pulse of the digital world. If you have next to no budget for your social media marketing campaign then social media is even more essential for you. However, to stay ahead of the competition you need to also constantly be learning and gaining new skills which require time and effort. Mastering these latest skills can prove to be quite a challenge as well. Success on the internet can only be possible if you can create content that can ignite and engage the target audience on your selected social media platforms.

To help you launch a successful social media campaign we have put together a list of free online resources so that you can connect better with your customers and stay ahead of the curve:


There are times I find myself completely at sea trying to figure what hashtags will pull maximum engagement. To make things easier, run your ideas through hastagify.me to know the popularity of your hashtags and which others go best with them. It’s great when you are running low on ideas and need inspiration on related hashtags.


They say for every piece of created content you should have two pieces of curated content. That’s an easy concept to grasp, people want to hear you talk about something other than yourself every now and then, but how do you find good quality curated content. Feedly.com is a free RSS feed that brings together fresh content and posts it in its feed as and when it is uploaded. This allows you to see fresh content before it goes viral. Who knows, you could be the one to make it viral! Just type in your industry keywords and wait for the magic to happen.


Don’t know how to design but want your ideas to look presentable. Don’t worry; Canva.com is as easy to use as any of the social media platforms you’re sitting on. With templates and post sizes for a variety of platforms, canva allows you to put together designs without any struggle. It also has an easy to read a blog that gives you simple tips on design and presentation.


This is the ultimate repository of free stock images for when you need pictures for your online posts. Let’s face it, we’re too busy running our business to take a moment to click pictures of our work, forget about good quality and editing. AllTheFreeStock.com is a tool that brings together a number of free stock websites under one URL and you can browse through hundreds of images till you find the perfect one in next to no time.


If there is a target audience you really want to capture then use later.com to schedule all your posts on Instagram. Keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t allow third party apps to post on your behalf, but later.com will give you a reminder of the scheduled time, copy your captions to your clipboard and load your image in Instagram, all you have to do is hit the post button!

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