How to Increase Website Traffic by Social Bookmarking

How to Increase Website Traffic by Social Bookmarking

September 11, 2017

Social bookmarking is a term that you must familiarize yourself with if you want to be a marketing professional in the digital world.

Social bookmarking is the way you bookmark or gain prominence to your website by promoting it on social bookmarking websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon. Its primary motive is to get as many social followers as possible who can actually vote for your content. One simple formula to use social bookmarking sites is to write rich quality content, adding attractive graphics & being proactive in the community discussions such that others promote your posts or content by voting for it.

Here are a few tips to increase website traffic:

Set your goals

It is mandatory to keep in mind your main focus. Which part of the audience are you specifically targeting? Know the right section to post the article offering educative content. Also, make sure that the title you choose is captivating and exciting so that the visitors are compelled to visit your site. The article should be meaningful and precise.

Offer high-value content

Ensure that the content you post is of good quality and shares knowledge for the users who spend time on your website. Avoid spamming in groups or forums because it may bring huge traffic in the initial stage but after some time, it would simply fade out. Content should be creative yet understandable.

Catchy headline

When you post content on any social bookmarking website, the first thing that readers look at is the headline of your content. It will either build or break your post, so should be enticing and eye catchy!

Alluring a reader is a difficult task, once you get the reader’s attention it is now up to the reader to either vote it up or give it a thumbs down. So keep your posts relevant and updated. 

Promote wisely

It is necessary that you be a proactive in discussions and give the opportunity to users to promote your content. Promote your content so that it reaches a lot of people, but let your reader be an active participator in promoting your blogs on social bookmarking sites, therefore, increasing your website traffic. It is essential to make it informative as well as appealing.

Timing matters in digital world

To understand where to promote your content you need to know who your potential readers are and where all they might be hanging out. It could be Reddit, Yahoo or Quora. You need to keep up with the timing of your readers when they are online, so that your post is the first they see.

Update the site frequently

You generally visit sites that offer a wide range of information on daily basis. Hence, one should always update the website and content to build users interest in the business. Keep your content relevant to your business yet be versatile. The more your readers get to read new information, the more they return to your website, and this in turn increases website traffic.

Being active in community discussions

Share some good links with your friends or followers on social bookmarking websites. This shows your activeness and compels users to explore your website, thus shooting up the number of visitors. Reply to the users who rate your content positively through discussion groups, help forums, and inbox.

Ask for feedback

Make it a habit of asking for feedback from your readers. They will let you know the quality of your posts and will help you strive to improve them. Social media is not always all about applauses & praises, so it is not necessary to always get good comments on your posts. Do take the negative comments optimistically and improve your content.

Drafting excellent content gives no guarantee that you will generate great website traffic. For this your content needs to be shared by other people or promoted by influencers on social media platforms or social bookmarking websites. Reach out to our marketing experts to know more such social media knacks!


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