How to Optimize Title Tags

How to Optimize Title Tags

May 29, 2017

Title Tag is a brief description of the content of a given web page. It is the most important tag of the page, however, it is not a Meta tag; and is used by search engines and users to understand the relevance of the content of a web page. A title tag is what you see at the top of the page in any browser. Search engine spiders look for this title tag when they crawl any website and are displayed on the search engine result page as a snippet for the given page.

In short, the Title tag of a web page tells both search engines and users, what the web page is about. To begin with the optimization of the title tag of a page, it is important to do the proper keyword research and analysis. Once it is done then you can begin with the Title Tag Optimization.

Best Ways to Optimize a Title Tag are as follows:

  • The title tag should be a short and simple phrase, which accurately describes the page content.
  • Every web page should have a unique Title Tag.
  • Ideal length of the Title Tag should be between 65-70 characters; since Google displays title tag in search results only up to 70 characters including spaces.
  • Use, at max, one to two keywords within a title tag and try including them towards the beginning of the title tag; make sure you give priority to the keyword that is more important by placing it first in the tag.
  • Avoid repeating keywords in a title tag; restrict it to a max of one repetition and use plural variations and synonyms if necessary.
  • The title tag should read like a sales pitch, enough to encourage curiosity and a click- through from SERPs.
  • The brand name should be used at the end in the title tag, however, if it is a renowned brand and can make a difference in click through rate, it should be used at the beginning of the title tag.
  • Do not use commas (,), pipes (|), hyphens (/) or dashes (-) as keyword separators in the title tag.

Title tags are one of the most important factors in achieving high rankings of the website on Google. So, use these ways to generate your title tags for the optimization of the website and be gloriously visible to your target audience on Social Media!

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