Look out for These 7 Social Media Blunders!

Look out for These 7 Social Media Blunders!

August 24, 2017

The significance of social media in this digital age cannot be overstated. Connecting with customers and marketing products/services has become a handy and interesting task with this tool. To utilize this tool in the most efficient manner, it is vital that you take into consideration a few mistakes that are most likely to occur. Everyday social media platforms are flooded with new and versatile posts with either of the following mistakes. It is imperative that we follow certain rules of social media etiquette for business and avoid these mistakes.

Let's have a look at the top 7 social media marketing mistakes that we usually ignore:


This is one of the most common mistakes that we tend to make while marketing. Nobody likes their social media profiles to be spammed with sales pitches. Oversharing on social media can annoy your followers and can also cast a bad impression on your organization. Spamming is also considered as breaching the 'service terms' and there are high chances of getting your account terminated if your posts are frequently reported as spam.

Incomplete profiles

Make sure that your profile is complete and all its pages are well furbished. Pay special attention to pages such as 'about us' as they are a reflection to the service you are providing to your customers and contain crucial information and links to the website of your company. Customers tend to recognize, recall and retain most of the information from these pages. Linking the website of your business with social media also aids in identifying its official accounts.

One-way or linear communication

Social media is an ultimate platform to interact with as many people as you want. Promoting linear communication won't be of any help to your services/products. Make sure that you engage with your customers and develop cordial relations with them. Respond to their queries or requests as soon as you can. This will assist in the positive branding of your product.

Incongruous branding

The posts that you share on your social media page should be in direct association with the goals of your business. Market your products in a consistent manner by coordinating slogans, quotes, graphics and colors. This makes your brand more professional and will help manifest your organization’s personality.

Automated tasks

Do not use tools to conduct activities like responding to users and following them on their profiles. Most of the automated tools violate the 'terms of service' and are also counterproductive. To extract the best out of social media, it is necessary that you manually perform your marketing strategy and be available for your followers and users. Use automation as a supportive tool to your manual activity.

No instant results

Social media is the need of the hour! But it is also true that it does not give instant outputs or results as it takes time for followers/users to share your content until it goes viral and becomes more visible online. For this, it is important that you wait till the content is shared to an extent that it is more visible online.

Delayed reply

Be it a query or a comment, you should reply or comment back as soon as you get the chance. This helps build their trust in the brand itself and also sets a good reputation for your brand. As users expect immediate responses, be quick enough to get back to their comments or replies. Being on social media attracts positive comments but can sometimes also invite criticism, the management of which will reflect on your brand values. Thus, manage negative comments in such a way that you calm down the customer yet maintain your brand prestige.

With the advancing needs and requirements of users, social media keeps on evolving. It is suggested that you keep on reviewing and updating your strategies aligned to ongoing trends.

The importance of social media and its etiquette can be felt now that we are so fiercely dependent on it and use it extensively. Therefore, we must avoid these social media marketing mistakes and maintain our brand image. Reach out to our Social media experts to establish a positive online presence!


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