Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for the Right Keywords!

Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for the Right Keywords!

Google regards the quality of content as one of the most important factors that dictate the performance of your page in organic search results. It's no wonder choosing the right keyword can make or break the performance of the content you publish. In order to receive more and more traffic on your website, you must choose the right keywords focusing your target audience on social media. Finding the right keywords for your website is a tricky and hard thing to do but with the following steps it will become easier for you to look for them:

Examine your website carefully

This is an obvious thing but is often overlooked. Do the keyword research related to your business website. Ask yourself a few questions while performing website analysis. What product/service does your website provide? What are the most obvious terms related to it? Your core keywords are defined by your services and products. Go through your website thoroughly and look for terms that are related to your products/services. Think of the USP that you have & the problems you solve for the customer.

Check out your competitor’s keywords

Keep a tab on who your competitor is. It is as necessary as knowing your own self, you must be aware of who is your biggest competition and what they are or aren't doing. Once you make a list of your competitors, check out their website and what kind of keywords they are targeting. An easy way to find keywords is to view the source code of a web page. This can be done by right-clicking on the content area of the page and selecting the option “view page source” from the web page.  Use the command find function (CTRL+ F) and type “keywords” into the search box. This will show you the various keywords your competitor is using and where exactly.

Importance of long tail keywords

When you start doing your research you should be aware of the fact that long tail keywords, (i.e. a combination of three or more words) will perform much better because they reflect how people search for certain things. Do not get discouraged by low search volume of long tail keywords as the aim is to find a bulk of them so that collectively they are more effective.

Utilize Google keyword tool

The Google keyword tool is very helpful and effective for conducting keyword research.  The tool provides you with closely related search terms, global and local monthly searches being performed for your specific keyword and the competitiveness of the keywords (for Google AdWords).  Make sure to keep in mind all these three factors while conducting your keyword research and finalizing which ones to use. Ideally, the keywords with high search volumes should be selected.

Look out for your current SERP rank

After selecting the keywords you will be targeting, it’s important that you investigate your current SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank! You can easily check your SERP rank on any free tool available online by entering your website URL and the keywords you want to examine. If you are already ranking for some terms then you’ll have an easier time improving your SERP rank through quality content creation.

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