Website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study for Aura Art Stay, Chandigarh

Website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) Case Study for Aura Art Stay, Chandigarh

July 13, 2017

Art Stay is an art hostel near Chandigarh that attracts travelers and backpackers, while encouraging and emphasizing on creating, relaxing and enjoying some time off from everyday life. It is set up within a farmhouse and offers large outdoor spaces to work in, along with a fully equipped studio.

While everything was set for Aura Art Stay in the physical world, things weren’t quite right for them in the online space. They did not have a website, most of their content was non-optimized and the traffic on their social media channels was fairly low. In the larger scheme of things, they needed assistance and a full-fledged strategy for managing and establishing their online presence to drive traffic and raise awareness; specifically about an upcoming event in August – ‘The Pottery Retreat.’

Coming to Aura Art Stay’s rescue, RedAlkemi knew exactly what needed to be done. Search engine optimization was the next task on our list. This was a product of a detailed keyword research that was carried out in order to cull out the most relevant keywords that would be used across the website and on all social media platforms. Then we built them a fully optimized, brand new user-friendly website. We also implemented monthly strategies as part of social media marketing for them, to drive more traffic to the website and social media channels.

Sure enough, all the changes we made brought an increase in traffic both for the website as well as all the social media handles. But we’d like you to see that for yourself!

This is not just a digital marketing case study; this is us having fun bringing success to Aura Art Stay.

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