4 Pointers That Explain how Search Engines Work!

4 Pointers That Explain how Search Engines Work!

August 21, 2017

SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique of optimizing website or web pages in order to improve the visibility of your website in web searches, so that your website can rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, msn and Yahoo. If you are planning to optimize your website, then you should first try and understand how search engines work. Having detailed knowledge about SEO basics will help you understand minute details about SEO and help boost your business and increase its popularity.

What is SEO? How do search engines work?
A search engine performs a lot of activities to provide us with some relevant search results. Time to polish up your SEO skills! Check out these activities below:


The process of collecting all the linked web pages in a website is called crawling. This work is done by software called spiders or crawlers. In Google, these are called Googlebots.  A Googlebot crawls the keywords added in the content, title tags, meta tags etc. Using relevant, highly searched keyword will help in ranking your website higher. Higher the page rank better are the chances that the Googlebot will crawl the page. The main job of these crawlers is to visit a website and send useful information to their parent websites.


Search engine indexing is also called as web indexing. After collecting the web pages, the next thing to do is to create indexes of these web pages and maintain them in the database. In the process of indexing, web pages are analyzed thoroughly. Based on the data they contain, they are kept under a specific keyword. This database contains all the information on the website it was able to find. Search engines regularly update their indexes.


It is quite obvious that there are several webpages that contain the data related to a particular web search. Hence, search engine initially checks the relevancy of the pages that have been indexed.

Displaying result

The final step is retrieving the best-suited result. It includes simply displaying the results on your screen showing which keywords have ranked higher.

Search engines update their algorithm of relevance on a regular basis. This is the main reason behind rank change every day. However, rest of the things remain the same but a little change in the relevancy algorithm leads to a major change in search results.

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