6 Fantastic Ways to Manage E-mail Lists!

6 Fantastic Ways to Manage E-mail Lists!

August 10, 2017

Email marketing is also considered a type of marketing, though the results may be different from what a business typically gets from social media marketing. Managing email lists that are large can be a cumbersome task if not managed well. Hence it is important to deal with it in as efficient a manner in order to improve your delivery as well as make viewing email marketing stats easy.

Some of these tips can guide you on how to manage email lists efficiently:

Whom to target

While making an email list, it is important that you know who your target audience is. If your organization provides SEO services, you must target corporates that are looking for SEO services. This way your email list will be precise and will not consist of irrelevant email IDs.

Avoid duplicacy

Remove duplicate email IDs and keep your list updated, accurate and brief. Ensure that any irrelevant addresses are deleted and email addresses are always up to date. Keeping your email lists clean and free from redundancy can save you from inconvenience in the long run!

Manage multiple lists

Categorize your email addresses into groups according to your target audience, campaigns or services that you are providing them with. Grouping email lists help in easier management and also increases efficiency.

Manage bounced emails & un-subscriptions

When a ‘sent’ email is not delivered to the recipient, it is registered as a ‘bounce’. To avoid clutter, it is imperative that you remove these bounce emails frequently from your lists. Similarly, recipients who have unsubscribed from your emails must be removed from your mailing lists.

Manage email responses

Separate emails that have been responded to in order to avoid sending them the same emails again. Removing these emails from your main mailing list is advised. It also helps manage your email lists when you respond in a timely fashion.

Segment your list

Segment the email list according to open rates, click rates, unique click, delivery rates details etc. All this information can be collected easily if your email marketing service provides this statistical data. The more click rates you have, the better it is for your business. Therefore, segmenting gives you a brief idea as to how your email marketing campaign is working.

The highest return on investment from your email marketing will be assured if your mailing lists are effectively managed. Analyzing your email results periodically will further help you achieve desired results.

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