6 Tips to Nail Content Marketing!

6 Tips to Nail Content Marketing!

August 24, 2017

One of the main objectives of content marketing is to attract as many visitors as you can towards your business through well written, informative content. Writing and publishing content to a blog is just an initial step towards the process of content marketing but it gives no assurance that your traffic will increase. While a lot of search engine algorithms work towards ranking and discovering fresh content, there are many things one can do to stimulate the process of content marketing. You need to continuously refresh your content marketing strategy and keep up with the latest trends.

Following are some tips to improve your content marketing skills:

Analyzing the aim of content

Before you start writing or publishing any content, answer these basic questions: What is the motive behind writing content? Are you building up brand awareness? Are you launching a new product/service? Identifying the target audience for whom you are writing the content is the formula to succeed in the digital world. After thorough market research you can analyze the type of content your readers are interested in reading. Make a well planned content marketing strategy after thorough analysis.

Balance your content with SEO

SEO, search engine optimization literally means optimizing your website for search engines and readers both, thus, making your content technically correct. SEO is not only about stuffing keywords in your content, but also involves looking out for and amending any flaws that may be stopping your content from being found. This can be because of navigation, architectural or content/keyword issues. Make sure that you invest in good resources to unveil the issues related to content discovery. This way you can uncover things that cause search engines to either lower the ranking of your content or bypassing it. By devoting sufficient time to keyword search and optimization, you will see that your content will find more visitors than it initially had. Content marketing and SEO are interlinked, where optimized content helps increase ranking.

Write optimized and convincing title tags

The title tag of your blog post is one of the main elements of optimization. Search engines give title tags a good amount of weightage while analyzing how your pages must rank. But there are various other elements of a page that can weigh down a title tag. On pages that are well optimized, a planned and tactical alteration to the title tag can have an immediate impact on the ranking of the page. While writing your title tag, think in terms of both reader value and keywords. A title tag should be such that a reader searching for a particular keyword should come across your content, which is possible if your page appears on the 1st SERP.

Ensure that keywords are properly used in content

The content of your posts should be in alignment with the title tags when it comes to integrating keywords. If your blog post is titled to highlight a certain keyword, the content should also be centered on that topic. You should not just stuff keywords into your content, but also make sure that your content is authoritative to the subject you are discussing.

Optimized images

“An image speaks louder than a thousand words” The quote stands true in this context. It is of great importance when it comes to driving in traffic and engaging the readers. A common method to optimize images is to add ‘alt text’. It is embedded in the HTML code of the image being used and is displayed on mouse over and whenever the image fails to load. The search engines utilize this alt text as an indication of the content of the image. Images can prove to be good support for On-Page Optimization. The same goes for videos or any other content that you add on your page. Pay attention to these opportunities and optimize the embedded content to ensure a better experience for both the search engine and the reader.

Understandable and creative content

Content should be easily understandable yet eye catchy! If you don’t want your content to be lost in the swamp of content that is added every second to social media/the Internet. Adding a tinge of creativity to the content makes it more appealing and memorable to the readers.

Plan your content marketing campaign smartly and follow the above-mentioned points, while your content goes viral on the Internet! Reach out to us for more such content marketing tips!

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