8 Reasons to Boost Brand Awareness With Blogs!

8 Reasons to Boost Brand Awareness With Blogs!

August 31, 2017

You might be wondering how it’s possible to promote your business online by sharing blogs. As surprising as it sounds, blogs are one of the best ways to share and discuss your business. You have the opportunity to share your business services, personal opinions and experiences via blogs. It is also a convenient way to connect with millions of online readers in a jiffy.

Can one boost brand awareness by blog sharing?
It may sound a bit tricky at first but it can be simple if you understand the ways in which blogs help grow a business online.

Before you start writing a blog, spend some time drafting your content based on your target audience. People are driven to a blog if the content is educative and informative. The images or infographics used on a blog also affect the overall look and feel. Your aim should be to make your content enticing for the readers.

Here a few ways blog sharing helps create brand awareness:

Be an expert

Having in-depth knowledge about your product/service will make you sound authoritative and familiar with the topic concerned. People will get involved in your blogs only if they feel they derive information and knowledge from it. This may encourage them to take a look at your website. Make sure to also build your trust with your readers through your blogs to start off on a positive note.

Drives traffic to your website

Blog sharing drives all the traffic of your blog to your website, soaring the traffic graph of your website. This is a good time to turn your visitors into prospects.

Easy communication & sharing

People will pay attention to your blog post only if it contains information relevant to their interest. Once they subscribe to your posts, every new post gives you the ability to communicate directly with them.

Build relationships

Blog sharing helps you build a relationship with your readers. Allowing them to post comments on your articles will lead to more engagement and involvement with you. This reflects your brand value and helps increase your followers.

Converting traffic into leads

With effective and influential CTA’s your regular visitors get motivated to convert. This leads to generating more leads and more conversions from the diverted blog traffic.

Quick indexing

Search engines readily index well written blogs which are updated frequently and also contain good quality keywords. So, updating your blog frequently and writing a high quality post will help boost your website rank.

Brand promotion & awareness

To create brand awareness is to promote your product and services not only to your existing customers but to those millions of online readers who are unaware of your presence. It is possible that you could convert new users to be your prospects.

Promote via social media

Enhance the popularity of your blog and promote your online business by engaging in social media activities- participating actively in online discussion forums like – Quora, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. Sharing blogs on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can make them viral on the web.
Started writing blogs already?
If you want to get started, first you must devise a blog marketing strategy, wherein you focus on the content, infographics and reach out to a million people online using social media platforms. Reach our blogging experts to promote your business online!

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