Email Marketing Myths

Email Marketing Myths

May 4, 2017


The world is addicted to inboxes if statistics are to be believed. Email marketing is not dead and will never be in the near future. Though the marketing gurus may have you believe the opposite, a study done by McKinsey suggests that email marketing is 40 times more effective than combined marketing on Facebook and Twitter. It is one of the ways of marketing your business to a select audience and a means of opening a dialogue and communicating with them. One of the main benefits of email marketing is that it is so easy to plan, quick to get started, and involves minimal expenditure.

Using emails for marketing your business is considered an effective way to drive traffic & increase sales, but comes riddled with several misconceptions. Most individuals and companies, though blessed with the power of persuasion, remain ignorant of using this effective source as a successful marketing tool and end up being an irritant to prospective customers and clients.
Some of the myths that need to be debunked are:

1. Morning is best to send emails: 

One of the foremost misconceptions has been that morning is the best time to send marketing emails. However, that is not true. People check their mail accounts as and when they choose.

2. There’s one perfect day to send emails:

There is no guideline stating the best time to send an email. The audience you wish to target has different schedules and routines. One can just take a rough idea about when the target audience is active i.e. on weekdays or on weekends.

3. Using "Free" in the subject line will impact your deliverability:

The subject line is what makes or breaks a marketing campaign. It should be short, crisp & eye-catchy. By adding the word "free" there is no guarantee that the mail will be read. There are always exceptions to the rule but the subject line should have an impact and clearly state the purpose.

4. Unsubscribes are bad:

An unread mail can be a dampener but it is merely a myth that unsubscribes are bad for email marketing campaigns. If a reader unsubscribes then it is actually an advantage for you. They are only helping you cleanse your database and increase the quality. Research shows that 60% of readers delete such emails while 23% of readers mark them as spam. This only ensures your subscription process to be a simpler one.

Email marketing strategies vary based on the audience you are targeting. The best way to analyze how audiences react to your marketing campaign depends on various factors like click rate, open rate, bounce rate etc.

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