How to Keep Your Website Up to Date!

How to Keep Your Website Up to Date!

August 4, 2017

Your services/business is important to you, and you’d like it to be important to your clients too. A website is the very first step that connects many customers to your services, so make sure you have a great website. Sites with broken links can confuse customers which might make them lose their trust. Regular updates and changes are good for your website. The information on your website should be correct and must be updated regularly with relevant content so that readers get a good impression.

Updating the following content pieces on your website regularly are some of the easy ways to update your website:

Blog posts

A blog is a great way of adding new content on a regular basis, even if it’s done just once a week. A blog allows you to update the content of your website frequently and easily. You can use keywords in your blog that help to improve website’s search engine ranking.  Search the keywords and topics you want your business to be found with and add them. With the help of a blog section, you can spread the information about new products, services or updates about your company.

Images and videos

You may start with a welcome video that tells your visitors what you do and what your business is all about right on the homepage. This allows your viewers to quickly get to know about your services without putting too much effort.  Having a gallery page is also a great way to add fresh content. You can create a gallery to represent various aspects of your services. Make sure your updated images and videos are optimized so that search engines can easily find your new content. Put keywords and short description regarding your videos and images. Whenever you complete a project, you may post photos and videos to your gallery to keep your website updated and interesting.

Web design

Sometimes your website team may focus only on content, images, and social media marketing, but fail to update the website design, graphics and color theme. Some of the things to avoid on your website include difficult navigation, colors that make your website look too busy or too dull. A regular check on the latest trends is a very good way to keep your website updated in terms of look and feel.

Webpage content

Regularly update your website and make changes to it so that it remains popular. Old, out of date or incorrect content loses customers. Keeping the content up to date and removing outdated content pages helps build trust between you and your customers. Unorganized content can create confusion, and is not good for you, or your services either. So, it is important to keep the content fresh, and in an organized manner.

Service packages

Updating the pricing of your products & services packages will eventually bring in a lot of traffic to your website. People constantly look for the packages on website to get a fair amount of idea about the services they want. Hence, having updated pricing on your website will increase the number of leads your website generates.

Social media icons

Keep a track of the social media channels you are using for business promotions. If you have joined a new platform, then add the icon of that particular platform. And, if you are not active on specific channel, don’t forget to take that icon off from your content page.

Internal links

If you have created a new webpage for your website, then interlink it within the website. Also, try to link every page to some other page within the website to improve the search engine rankings. Google tracks these links to figure out which page is getting more traffic &then ranks it. So, interlinking is a must for your website.


Make sure you have a habit to ask for testimonials from customers you have recently worked with. These testimonials help increase the conversion rate to a very great extent, so never forget to add testimonials as you receive them from your customers.

These easy steps will help you keep your website up to date. If still you find it difficult to do it all by yourself or you are running out of time, let us help you with your website design and maintenance.

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